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Velocity Infotech was founded on one philosophy. Leverage Automation as the enabler to deliver at the speed of business!

Headquartered in Irving, TX with a Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India We are a Quality Engineering and DevOps company focused on bringing value to our business partners through frameworks and utilities to accelerate the key phases of the Application Engineering Lifecycle.

Our Team’s “Customer-First” attitude and focus on business values, makes Velocity Infotech stand apart in the competitive IT Services market. Velocity Infotech ‘ Human Capital gives its competitive edge from their competitors and helps set a new standard in the IT consulting industry. Our employees’ exceptional knowledge and skills combined with top notch customer oriented work ethic helps in creating competitive advantage.

We value and care for employees on par with our customers. Our work ethics and working conditions produces high level of employee satisfaction compared with the industry standards. Our employees, empowered with important business knowledge and skills increases the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

In this competitive knowledge based economy, the real strength of the company is decided by its talented employees and the intellectual property. We develop and empower our employees to play an important role in the development and the growth of the organization.

Our Services


Assessments, Transformation assistance and more. Our Solution driven delivery team works as an extension of yours while bringing the Innovation and Thought Leadership from Velocity, sounds like a win-win! Short term quick wins or long-term strategic partnerships.


A streaming model requires managing website uptime and bandwidth costs. If a company is using the same metrics before and after its so-called “transformation” effort, it really hasn’t transformed in any material way. Strategic transformation changes a company’s competitive set.

Quality Engineering

Early practices for Functional, Security and Performance Engineering are a start and In-sprint end to end testing is the goal. Our Quality Engineering process and frameworks enable higher-quality deployment ready builds .


Staffing is a managerial function which involves obtaining, utilising and retaining, qualified and competent personnel to fill all positions of an organisation, from top to operative echelon. In finer terms, staffing is placing the right person at the right job.

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