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“We believe testing as an activity is dead and it is all about Quality Assurance and having the ability as an Engineering group to embrace Quality as a Responsibility. Our offerings in Quality Assurance stretch the limits of Shift Left and bring a Business Driven Testing and Development mindset. Our expertise lies in applying engineering principles in breaking down the application stack into manageable process layers and grouping functionality and features into Business Processes.” 
To keep up with the pace of development in Agile, the way we think about testing has to change. Unlike the waterfall model, there is no separate phase for testing. Testing has to be done along with development. This means that we have to start thinking and planning for testing much earlier. The sprint planning phase has to consider the needs of testing such as clear acceptance and DONE criteria, proper effort estimation for testing.
Quality Engineering in Agile
  • Automation begins at the unit level followed by API and GUI level automation. Automation coverage for lower levels (unit & API) should be very high. Only critical end-to-end scenarios should be automated at the GUI level.
  • Performance targets should be identified for key scenarios/user stories. Single-user performance tests can be automated and executed every sprint to ensure no performance regressions take place
  • Cross skilling of resources ensure better utilization
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of key metrics
Key Differentiators of Velocity's Agile Testing Services
  • CI & automation using matured TAF that seamlessly integrates with leading CI tools and deployment processes.
  • Communication & Collaboration – Collocated team to manage distributed Agile environment. “Time Zone Matrix” to plan scrum meetings that support global delivery model.
  • 'Done’ criteria – Set for all user stories and cross-checked for adherence before signing-off. It is one of the most critical checkpoints of an Agile project.
  • Lean Governance – Implementation of quality gates, sprint retrospection & reviews; metrics & measures enable thorough alignment with Agile development process
  • Distributed Agile Framework that allows multiple collocated teams to work in a highly collaborative manner that delivers agility and assures quality.
“Velocity has successfully supported variants of Agile, be it Scrum, ATDD, BDD etc. With larger organizations, we have helped scale Agile using frameworks like SAFe, SoS etc. While Agile works best with a collocated model, we have also leveraged our Distributed Agile Testing Framework to support a global delivery model.”​
  • 1. Automated First Approach - Early automation
  • 2. Non-functional Engineering
  • 3. In-Sprint automation for the agile teams
  • 4. Build Quality Enforcement for improved coverage early on
  • Service virtualization
  • Service and SOA Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Deployment Automation
  • DevOps Culture Sessions
DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  • It starts with the right Development strategy including Branching approach, Quality Engineer integration into sprint =teams and of course Definition of Done to include automation and CI.
  • Continuous Integration that includes extensive validations that begin with automated unit tests and end with non-functional validations for every build. Yes, Pipeline Creation is a part of CI.
  • Automated and Continuous Deployments are simplified to the point of "Point and click"
  • Metrics and Build Dashboards that bring the metrics that matter to everyone. Yes, CEO included.
“With faster release terms and continuous delivery being the goal, our approach is what is needed to deliver applications with higher velocity and the highest levels of quality. Whether you are agile or conventional in your methodology we have the approach to ensure you deliver at the speed your business demands! At Velocity, with Continuous Delivery as the goal the approach we bring is quite simple.”
Test Automation
  • Scalable, Modular and Extensible
  • Pro-Agile with a methodology for In-Sprint Automation
  • 100% End to End Business Process Coverage
  • Automated and Smart Traceability, Impact analyzer for Regression planning and design
  • Risk based test prioritization
  • Tool Agnostic – Integration APIs for most standard industry tools
  • CI and CD Ready
  • ROI Analyzer
  • Smart Reporting with live feed into dashboards
Test Automation or Automated Functional Testing is no longer the luxury Quality Assurance and testing teams aspired for. Today, in a World that relies heavily on Agility and high velocity application delivery, when one defect could cost you Millions, it is more important than ever for Service Delivery teams to rely on automation to deliver in the ever-shrinking test cycles.
“Automation of key functionality, business critical processes or Regression cycles is a slow start. At Velocity, our next generation automation framework – TRACK is geared to automate early and automate more.”
Enterprise Mobility
Whatever your application and business demands are, you can count on our Enterprise Mobile Testing practice to tailor a solution for you.
  • Mobile Application lifecycle services delivered through mobile automation framework
  • Continuous Delivery through the mobile quality engineering framework with mobile lab architecture built in
  • No Instrumentation required at the app tier
  • Automated certification testing process integrated to functional, non-functional and carrier testing
  • Early Security and Performance testing eliminates defects by up to 80%
  • Devices on demand! Access Velocity Mobile Cloud at no additional cost
  • Carrier testing supported for all major US carriers